Thursday, 30 November 2006

A Rails feature a day keeps J2EE away !

Still waiting for my users to comment on the specs I sent them, I started to do some data modelling in PowerDesigner to define the structure of my soon-to be Rails App.
As I was modelling, suddenly I remembered about the magic field names of ActiveRecord and especially the Single table inheritance thingy. This is cool, way cool. That really tickles the brain cells. I think this is where the O in ORM really speaks.
So I added this concept to my data model and just before I left work, made a printout, gave it to one of my colleagues [for external eye on the problem] and whilst I was doing the 5 mins pitch on the model, he got stuck on the "single table inheritance" and instantly was seduced by its elegance...

Evangelisation 1 - J2EE 0 !

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